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While everyone typically thinks of a Destination Wedding taking place on a romantic beach – and it is a very popular choice for a reason, as it is beautiful – a destination wedding is actually any wedding taking place more than 100 miles from your hometown. Most people usually do understand it to mean the wedding is taking place out of the couples home country though.

Let’s explore some options!

All-Inclusive Resort

An All-Inclusive Resort is a popular choice for weddings due to the fact that most resorts have an onsite wedding coordination team and built in packages, making the wedding planning not only easier, but also the most affordable option for both you and your guests.

An All-Inclusive Resort Wedding might be for you if…

  • A beautiful resort, with stunning ceremony backdrops is your vision
  • A beachfront or twinkling rooftop reception is everything you have dreamed of
  • The ease of beginning with a prebuilt wedding package and simply adding your own special touches, sounds like stress-free heaven
  • Offering your guests an experience where everything is included once they arrive is important
  • A wedding celebration that can last for 3 days or more sounds like fun
  • The ability to earn perks based on number of rooms booked to help offset some of the wedding expenses would be helpful

Important Note – not all destinations and resorts are created equal – each one has its own unique characteristics and personality. This is why a great deal of time is spent getting to know you as a couple before any specific recommendation is made.

Exotic Tropical

While not usually all-inclusive, there are many destinations all over the world that provide an amazing wedding experience. These are more a la carte type experiences so they are more often chosen for elopements and smaller family gatherings – however sometimes the airfare to many exotic destinations actually rivals attempting to get to the Caribbean, so if an all-inclusive resort isn’t necessary, it can be a great option!

A non-All-Inclusive Tropical wedding might be for you if…

  • An exotic, off the beaten path wedding experience is your dream
  • You are the adventurous type who embraces new cultures and traditions
  • It is just the two of you or a smaller group

Old World Destinations

Dreaming of a your wedding in a castle in Ireland, a villa in Tuscany or taking your wedding pictures overlooking the caldera in Santorini? We can make that happen too! Yes, these destinations require much more research and planning, but we can help you find your venue, connect you with local wedding planners and vendors and make it as seamless as possible for you and your guests.

An Old World Wedding might be for you if…

  • You have a realistic budget – these will rival or exceed the cost of an at home wedding, depending on country chosen and number of guests
  • You understand the logistics of planning a wedding from the increased distance
  • You love the local culture
  • You accept that only a small number of guests will be able to join you due to the costs and time required.

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