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At Romantic Journeys, I work one-on-one with couples to design the most important travel experiences of their lives: their destination wedding or honeymoon. This is the journey you’ve been dreaming about since forever—or at least since you’ve met that perfect partner!

So let’s make it unabashedly, uncompromisingly all about you. Whether you’re seeking over-the-top indulgence (if you’re going to splurge, this is the time to do it!) or toes-in-the-sand, laidback luxury, I’ll make it happen with ease through my connections to top properties across the globe, decades of travel planning experience, and fierce dedication to making your “I Do!” dreams come true.

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Hi, I’m Barbara Oliver!

Is a Destination Wedding 
Right for You?

With any wedding planning process, there are a lot of moving parts and things to consider - a Destination Wedding can make some things more simple and some things more challenging.

However, when it's the right fit for you - it's heaven on earth!


Your Dream Destination Wedding

You want: A gorgeous day spent surrounded by your favorite family and friends, where the natural beauty of your surroundings turns the dial up to 11.

What you don’t want? To get lost in room contract legal-ese, to coordinate the travel for all 10, 20, or 200+ guests, to wonder whether the resort you’ve chosen is really the best option for you, to field late-night phone calls from that one aunt who has endless questions you’ve already answered one too many times.

Your destination wedding is supposed to be simple—and simply beautiful. So take a deep breath, and leave it all to me.

Destination Wedding Planning

Without all the planning nightmares

A honeymoon that rivals the wedding

From chic seaside resorts to Europe’s most charming castle-strewn countryside, let me plan a tailored-to-you honeymoon that leads to lasting memories—and leaves all the planning headaches behind:

HONEYmoon planning

What comes after “I Do”?

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Destination weddings

Is a Destination Wedding right for you?

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