Every tale of romance has a path – beginning  with a proposal – moving on to your wedding and honeymoon – and then continuing to savor life together by celebrating the anniversary of your commitment to each other.

We can help with every stage!


Every wedding begins with a proposal – this is a story you are likely to tell your friends, kids, and grandkids for years to come.

How will your legend begin?

If you are dreaming of something a little more unusual – perhaps asking that big question during a candlelight dinner on the beach on a tropical island or atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris – we can help you create an amazing story to savor forever


Real life has a way of catching up to all of us – jobs, kids and mortgage payments steal away our time and suddenly we look up and realize that it’s been far too long since we simply spent time together enjoying each other’s company.

Getting away on your anniversary is not an indulgence – it’s a necessity!

Taking the time to stop the world for a bit and spending time together relaxing and having fun or sharing a new adventure, will keep your marriage fresh and alive and is an investment in each other that you will never regret!

Bachelorette/Bachelor Get-Away

Do you want something more than the typical Las Vegas weekend to celebrate with your friends before the big day?

Is your Maid of Honor or Best Man a bit nervous because they have heard all the horror stories about how much more expensive that quick weekend getaway ended up being, and how not everyone contributed equally – sticking them with a huge bill?

Instead – how about a short cruise with a drink package or a quick trip to an all-inclusive resort? Not only will everyone have fun but they will be able to budget the correct amount of money way ahead of time! The best part is – you and your BFF’s will have us to handle all the payment collection and take that stress out of the planning process!

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A Journey Shared…a Memory Forever