Once we have narrowed down the type of Honeymoon Adventure the two of you would like, there are many other factors that then come into play to choose your exact destination – most notably the length of time you are able to travel, and of course your budget. At Romantic Journeys we take the time to get to know you in-depth to help you make a choice you will remember forever!

Here are a just a few of the destinations our couples have chosen!

We initially thought about booking our own honeymoon and are SO glad that we didn’t. Barbara made our entire experience extremely unique to what we wanted and more! She made the whole process a breeze-from choices of destinations tailored to our desires, painless booking and travel (with instructions and apps to make it effortless) to the actual destination.
Alicia & Erik, Albuquerque NM

Caribbean & Mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico
For great value and ease of traveling from just about anywhere in the United States, the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula wins hands down. There are a variety of airlines that service the Cancun Airport with multiple flights per day, with many offering non-stop options from major hubs which makes the best use of your precious honeymoon time. Beyond that, the number of amazing all-inclusive resort options is staggering – each one offering a different personality and price point – so there is bound to be one that will be a perfect match to your style!

If you like the more laid back Bob Marley island style – Jamaica could be for you! From the west coast of the United States the flights can be a bit of a trek, so we usually recommend an overnight flight to make the best use of your time & honeymoon budget. Once there you have your choice of magnificent all-inclusive resorts in 3 distinct regions – Negril for it’s amazing beaches, Ocho Rios for lush vegetation and activities, or simply staying closer to the airport town of Montego Bay for shorter trips and access to the local flavor!

St Lucia
If you are dreaming of a lush exotic destination and would really prefer the ease of an all-inclusive resort – St Lucia could be your dream destination! To make it a bit more unique, we often recommend beginning your stay in a smaller luxury property for a few days to cuddle and recouperate from the wedding and then transfering to an all-inclusive resort when you are ready to party with other people a bit more! St Lucia can face similar flight challenges as Jamaica – but we make sure the trip begins and ends with as little logistical hassles as possible!

Since we have never been to Europe before, Barbara’s expertise and planning made our trip 100 times better. It really took a lot of stress off of us … Our whole trip was a dream, once in a lifetime experience and couldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Barbara!!
Sydney & Dan, San Francisco CA


For the 5th year running, Italy has been our top European request – and with good reason! You can easily spend 10 days to 2 weeks in Italy alone, not only seeing the major cities of Venice, Florence and Rome – but we also customize your adventure to include some more authentic “off the beaten path” experiences tailored just to your interests as a couple! Prefer to combine it with another destination? A great add-on to Italy would be a visit to France or Greece.

Paris… the City of Lights – what’s not to love? The food, the art and the architecture make Paris an amazing city to include in any honeymoon. Beyond Paris though, lies just about any sort of experience you could ask for – history in the Normandy Region, romance in the Loire Valley, wine tasting in just about any direction and of course the amazing playground of the French Riviera! France is often combined with England or Italy.

United Kingdom
England has long been a favorite, especially for those who have never ventured out on an overseas journey. The language is familiar, the food is more or less familiar, and it is just generally a less intimidating place to begin for many couples. Once again though, if all you see is London, you are missing out on so much! We always try to build in a few days to head out into the countryside so our couples can really experience England beyond the history books! One request that has been rising, due in no small part to the show Outlander, has been a visit to Scotland – and it’s a big plus if you are into whisky tasting! Scotland can be a bit challenging to navigate due to its lochs, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Barbara planned the most unforgettable breathtaking honeymoon for my Husband and i last month to Southeast Asia. We traveled all throughout Thailand and Singapore for 2.5 weeks staying in the most beautiful boutique resorts at each stop. We could not have imagined a more perfect trip.
MaKayla & Justen, Santa Clarita CA


French Polynesia
If there is one destination on the planet that screams “Honeymoon” is would be the archipelago of French Polynesia, with the availability of non-stop flights it is a favorite option from the west coast of the US. The largest and most widely known island is Tahiti Nui and relatively nearby are the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora, the laters claim to fame being it’s magnificent overwater bungalows. Although those are the most well-known islands, there are several smaller islands that can offer a more off the beaten path experience, ranging from rustic to super luxury if that is more to your liking.

To be honest, Fiji’s most amazing asset are the Fijians! Yes, it is an archipelago of 330 islands, also boasts non-stop flights  from the west and is an absolutely stunning exotic location – but the warmth of the people is a memory you will bring home and hold in your hearts forever! If you have ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy a private picnic on a lush deserted beach – just the two of you – Fiji should be on your short list. Beautiful beaches, private island resorts, scuba diving and shark encounters – if you want to experience it – Fiji can offer it!

Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is an exquisite island in Indonesia, giving you the lushness of an island paradise with a distinctly Asian flair. Traveling to Bali can be its biggest challenge with overall flight times averaging about 22 hours from the west coast of the US, but the reward comes with a Bucket List Worthy honeymoon experience with a lot of value. To offset the logisics of getting there, we typically recommend no less than 10 nights on the island divided amongst the beach resort experiences and luxury mountain retreats.

If it has always been your dream to play with a baby tiger or interact with an elephant – Thailand is for you! There are a variety of options available to you –  visit the bustling cities, temples & floating markets, head up to the lush mountains for an elephant trek, or relax and snorkle on a beautiful beach – it’s no wonder that we recommend no less than a 10 night stay to drink in all that Thailand has to offer.


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