Once you have determined the style of Destination Wedding that fits you, then we look at actual destination options that will fit your vision the best. We take lots of things into consideration – how many people do you plan on inviting, will there be children attending and a big factor is, where will your guests be traveling from.

Here are just a few of the many many options!

All Inclusive Resorts

All-Inclusive resort weddings are the most frequently requested venue type due to the relative ease of hosting a wedding there. These resorts are built in some of the most stunning destinations, have well thought out and beautifully designed ceremony and reception locations, have onsite wedding coordination teams with customizable prebuilt wedding packages and they orchestrate several weddings a week, so are very experienced and familiar with the vendors that have made their preferred lists. Beyond that, the resorts are experts at hospitality and have the staff and facilities to accommodate just about any sized group.

Mexico is a very easy country to get to  and from almost anywhere is the USA which explains why it is one of the more popular destinations for a wedding. There are resorts that will cater to just about every style you can imagine – from traditional hacienda style to sleek and modern – large resorts or smaller more intimate ones – adult only or family friendly.

Are you dreaming of a beautiful white sand beach with a gorgeous sunset in the background as you exchange your vows? Jamaica could be calling your name! There are very distinct differences in the various areas of the island though, so we will explore the which one fits you and your vision best when we chat. The friendly hospitality of the Jamaican people will make you and your guests feel like you have returned home!

Punta Cana
Is a wide beautiful stretch of beach and a swimmable ocean a “must have” for you? Punta Cana has some amazing adult only and family friendly options and is getting better all the time with many new resorts being built. Punta Cana can be a challenge to get to from some areas of the USA however, so where your guests are flying from becomes an important part of the equation when considering it.

And the list goes on … St Lucia, Antigua, Barbadoes …tell us your vision and we will play matchmaker!

Exotic Tropical

There are many exotic destinations all over the world that can provide an amazing and unique wedding experience. Since there are few all-inclusives, these are  a la carte type experiences so they are more typically chosen for elopements and small family gatherings – but what more could you ask for than for beautiful scenary and the one that you love the most by your side


French Polynesia
Sneek away to the destination that simply defines the word romance! Tahiti, Moorea , and Bora Bora are the most popular islands, but there are also some small ultra luxury or more rustic resorts available on smaller/private islands. Most resorts here will not be adult only, but they also do not provide a lot of activities for children so there usually isn’t an abundance of them. There are no all-inclusive resort options in this region

Lush beautiful Fiji is amazing in it’s own right – but when you add in the warm, friendly, always joyful Fijians – it’s heaven on earth! Fiji is composed of 330  islands – not all inhabited of course – but each area is a bit different – from the Mamanuca Islands with their crystal clear waters, spectacular palm fringed beaches and resorts – to the northern island of Vanua Levu and surrounds that are famous for their lush terrain, waterfalls and diving. Fiji does have a few all-inclusive resorts, but that is not it’s main draw – it’s people are!

If you are looking for an uniquely cultural experience, Thailand has many to offer. From the verdant mountains of Chaing Rai and Chaing Mai to the amazing beaches of Koh Samui and Phuket – if you can dream it they can provide. Often couples inquire about Thailand as they have heard it is cheap. While it is “inexpensive” compared to western standards – if you want that 5 Star experience, it will be a comparable 5 Star price.

Old World Romance

These destinations require much more research and planning, but we can help you find your dream destination, connect you with local wedding planners and vendors, and make it as seamless as possible for you and your guests. If not an elopement, the timeline for planning is usually longer in order to not only find appropriate vendors but also to allow guest to make plans  to attend.

When you think of European romance – the heart and soul of it is Italy! From the shores of the Italian Lake District to the castles of Tuscany down to the Villa’s in the Amalfi Coast – if your dream wedding is an expression of La Dolce Vita  (the sweet life), we can help you make that happen.

There is something about a wedding in a medieval castle surrouinded by green rolling hills that is something that fairytales are made of – and on your wedding day, fairytales can come true!

There is nothing more spectacular than the view overlooking the caldera from Santorini! The traditional whites and blues of this romantic destination provide the perfect backdrop for a stunning stunning ceremony, recepetion and wedding photos! And the sunsets – amazing!


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