Why Work with a Romance Travel Specialist?

Your honeymoon is not just another vacation – it’s a very special time in your life as a couple when all the craziness of the wedding is behind you and it’s finally time for the two of you to be alone. You want it to be perfect!

A Romance Travel Specialist is very much like your wedding coordinator, making everything stress free and seamless behind the scenes. Through an in-depth consultation we will get to know you as a couple – your likes, dislikes and most importantly, the honeymoon experience you have been dreaming of.

We listen – not only to what you are saying – but to hear the subtle things that you may not even realize are important to you.  When you share the vision you have of how you would like your honeymoon to look and feel – we work diligently with you to make sure that vision becomes reality.

Why choose Romantic Journeys?

Being invited to be part of your honeymoon planning is an honor and responsibility we take very seriously – but why should you choose to work with us?

Aside from all the certifications we could list (boring – although continuing education is important), one of the most important aspects is that we make the investment of time and money to travel to the destinations we recommend, as often as practical

We had a brief but informative meeting and gave her all our details such as budget, dates and types of destinations we were interested in. Since Barbara is well traveled, she was able to give us first hand details of all the vacation sites we were considering. This made it easy for us to narrow down our choices.
Gabriella & Mike, Los Angeles CA

Why is that important for you?
Beyond the knowledge and creative talent we bring to honeymoon planning, we or our colleagues have first hand “feet on the ground” experience in the destinations we will be recommending to you. This means we intimately understand the travel logistics you will encounter, and allows us to pass along advice and local tips to keep you stress free and enhance your experience.

You will come home relaxed, refreshed and ready to re-enter real life!

Will it cost more than doing it myself?

As our couples will attest to, not only will we assist you in choosing the perfect destination for you as a couple while saving you time and stress – through our connections we will also make sure you get the best value for your budget!

Barbara is amazing! Her assistance in booking our honeymoon was phenomenal! She personalizes everything and really goes above and beyond to make it special! Having a travel agent will SAVE (yes save!) U money. It doesn’t cost u anymore and it takes all the stress out of planning the trip of a lifetime when u have so much else going on!
Sara & Nate, Stevenson Ranch CA

The good news is that for most travel arrangements we do not add additional fees – so it doesn’t cost more than muddling through by yourself on the internet trying to determine which reviews to believe or which pictures have been photo-shopped!

Where can we go?

Anywhere your heart and budget will take you! Romantic Journeys is a full service travel agency with supplier relationships and experience all over the world.


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