While every destination will have specific recommendations – we have found some common Do’s & Don’ts to the entire honeymoon planning process that will get you off on the right foot!  

DO – Begin planning 6-12 months in advance

  • Starting early gives you time to consider all your options while you aren’t stressed out
  • You will have the best availability – especially with boutique properties and flight schedules
  • 0% interest payments!  Weddings are notorious money munchers – booking your honeymoon early allows you to budget for it and make payments to ensure you get your dream honeymoon.

DON’T – Buy your mom’s or your best friend’s honeymoon

  • A destination that is perfect for someone else might not be the right fit for the two of you! Determine your best honeymoon destination by working with an expert to custom design your trip to match your individual vision
  • Keep an open mind! Determine the type of experience you want but be open to actual destination – you might be surprised!
  • Make sure the travel plans meet the needs and interests of both bride and groom – it’s not a time for anyone to be grumpy

DO – Pay attention to the details

  • Names on your airline tickets must match your passport exactly (book the brides tickets in her maiden name) and be valid for 6 months beyond the date of return.
  • Allow plenty of time to arrive at the airport to check in for your flight or risk denied boarding – arrive a minimum of  2-3 hours before flight time
  • Buy travel insurance. Anything can happen – medical emergencies, missed connections, hurricanes, volcanoes and floods –  this protects your investment and your dreams

DON’T – Underestimate the effect of the wedding stress and jetlag

  • Schedule plenty of free time – especially when first arriving to adjust to the new time zone
  • Drink pleanty of water
  • Try not to over-schedule activities
  • If possible – leave a couple of days after the ceremony

DO – Use a Travel Professional

  • Take advantage of their experience and expert advise to help you find the perfect destination to match your dreams
  • You will get the best value – remember a good internet “deal” on the wrong choice is not good value
  • Travel is an adventure – hiccups happen! Make sure you will have someone to call in case you encounter any problems
  • Most importantly, it usually doesn’t cost more than “doing it yourself” with an online travel agency that offers you no service or support

My husband and I are so glad we decided to use a travel agent to plan our honeymoon. In the midst of wedding planning, the last thing you have time to think about is the honeymoon, despite how important it is! … I would highly recommend taking advantage of Romantic Journeys to help plan your honeymoon…it doesn’t cost you anything extra and it’ll save your sanity…!
Lindsey & Jared, Agoura Hills CA

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