With any wedding planning process, there are a lot of moving parts and things to consider – a Destination Wedding can make some things more simple and some things more challenging.

However, when it’s the right fit for you – it’s heaven on earth!

A Destination Wedding might be perfect for you if…

  • You crave a unique and different experience than you would have at home
  • Picturing your ceremony taking place in a beautiful natural setting sounds amazing to you
  • The thought of a relaxed and fun day is your style
  • You love the prospect of escaping “real life” for a few days, surrounded the family and friends who love you
  • You are willing to accept that there will likely be fewer guests able to join you than you might see at home.

A Destination Wedding might not be the right fit if…

  • Planning something long distance will drive you crazy
  • You will have trouble letting go and trusting the process and the experienced professionals there to help you
  • You will be hurt if not everyone can attend
  • If after considering all your options you decide to have an at-home wedding – still reach out – we have ideas for you to still enjoy the experience that called to your heart!

I cant say enough great things about Barbara. Not only did she coordinate my wedding in Mexico – and by coordinate I mean coordinate travel and hotel for 60 people – but she was our contact every step of the way. … She’s informative, thorough and really thoughtful about your booking. That last part is really important. If I tell Barbara what my comfort is on any particular item, I really get the sense that she understands it and works within those parameters. I consider myself a high maintenance traveler and Barbara has dealt with me very well!
Nema & Andrea, Los Angeles, CA

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